What is an Entrepreneur?

What is an Entrepreneur?

According to Wikipedia, an entrepreneur is a person who has possession of a new enterpriseventure or idea and is accountable for the inherent risks and the outcome.[note 1] The term was originally a loanword from French and was first defined by the Irish-French economist Richard Cantillon. Entrepreneur in English is a term applied to a person who is willing to launch a new venture or enterprise and accept full responsibility for the outcome. Jean-Baptiste Say, a French economist, is believed to have coined the word "entrepreneur" in the 19th century – he defined an entrepreneur as "one who undertakes an enterprise, especially a contractor, acting as intermediatory between capital and labour".[note 2] A broader definition by French Economist J.B. Say (1800) "The entrepreneur shifts economic resources out of lower and into higher productivity and greater yield."

Wikipedia: accessed May 21 2011

The ReSourceful Entrepreneur 

The resourceful entrepreneur is versatile, agile and fast – can adjust to the constantly changing demands of a world which shifts not just from day to day, but often from moment to moment. This requires energy, persistence, and enthusiasm which are underpinned by inner strength and self-awareness, and ability to build and sustain relationships.  A resourceful entrepreneur requires imagination, analytical skills and action – ideas have to be implemented in order for anything to happen, otherwise our entrepreneur inhabits fantasy land and possesses an empire existing only on paper.


Passionate about human potential, Christine Miller is an entrepreneurial author, poet and results-orientated business and personal growth strategist who inspires and shows people how to create richer, more resourceful, fulfilling and compassionate lives of spirit and heart so that they spend more time doing what they love – and loving what they do.

Christine is renowned for her creative resourcefulness and wisdom, her penetrating analysis, insights and ability to provoke transformational thinking and action for organisations and individual coaching and consulting clients worldwide.

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