Resourceful Entrepreneur’s Guide

Eagerly awaited, Christine Miller’s latest book, Resourceful Entrepreneur’s Guide to Business in the 21st Century has been published. Resourceful Entrepreneur’s Guide to Business  How to Succeed in Challenging Times  Christine Miller MA FRSA  AVAILABLE HERE – Amazon UK – Amazon USA What people are saying:  “Let this book be part of YOUR journey; a perfect accompaniment […]

Resourceful Entrepreneur

The ReSourceful Entrepreneur Experience Are You a Resourceful Entrepreneur? Would you like to learn more about Priming Your Mind For Success and Fulfillment? Reserve Your Place Here Now for this Powerful Workshop    As a successful entrepreneur, you know you need to be:  versatile, persistent focused You also need to be imaginative, quick witted clear-thinking You […]

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Entrepreneurial Spirit Are you an entrepreneurial spirit? Are you someone who is restless, imaginative, easily bored, full of life and wants to make a difference in the world? Are you full of ideas, always on the go, but never seem to manage to fix on one thing for long enough to make it bear fruit, […]