Resourceful Entrepreneur’s Guide

Eagerly awaited, Christine Miller’s latest book,
Resourceful Entrepreneur’s Guide to Business in the 21st Century has been published.

Resourceful Entrepreneur’s
Guide to Business 

How to Succeed in Challenging Times 

Christine Miller MA FRSA


What people are saying: 

“Let this book be part of YOUR journey;
a perfect accompaniment for any entrepreneur –
and one that sparks ideas and generates momentum.”

René Carayol MBE
The UK’s own authentic business guru & leading business speaker 

“It is certainly a book of inspiration, energy and proven skills for the aspiring and seasoned Entrepreneur. 

Well done on your initiative.”
Carole Spiers, International Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur and Awards Host

It looks really fantastic – great job. I love it – short, sweet and densely packed with no fluff and the essence of what entrepreneurs need. 

Success in business is not necessarily having the right product or service at the right time and knowing how to get people to buy it. There is something much more fundamental than that and it’s about having the right mind set. This intelligent and formative book starts out by explaining how key priming your mind for success is. What then follows is a wealth of information from some incredible business minds.

It is also typical of the generosity of the author Christine Miller not to have attempted to paraphrase the wisdom of the contributors but to have designed the meta-concept behind the book and woven together contributions in such a seamless manner. 

This book is easy to read and the ideas it contains easy to implement. If you are serious about business and want to discover a fresh approach, it is invaluable reading. 

Tom Evans, Author of Blocks, Flavours of Thought and The Art and Science of Lightbulb Moments

Christine has an extraordinary way with words. They reach deep inside of you and touch those thoughts you know are there but have been fearful of acknowledging. Having turned the key she opens the door and gives you the courage and tools to move forward into becoming a truly resourceful entrepreneur fit for the challenging times we are facing at the beginning of this amazing 21st century. Christine shows us how we can put our special gifts and talents out into this world making it a better place for everyone. 

Whatever Christine writes is worth reading – she has a way of getting to the core of her subject making it readable, practical and usable, and her poetry is sublime. She has a rare gift, check out her books and poetry now.  

Lindsay Hart, Consultant, Fundraiser, Strategist

The Resourceful Entrepreneur’s Guide  – there’s a lot of excellent material in there –
well done.

Chris West, Marketer & Professional Writer 

I am currently reading Resourceful Entrepreneur’s Guide to Business in the 21st Century as we speak…..very informative and very well written, I am finding it most useful in my ongoing pursuit of success.

David Ross, David Ross Acting Academy



Passionate about human potential, Christine Miller is an entrepreneurial author, poet and results-orientated business and personal growth strategist who inspires and shows people how to create richer, more resourceful, fulfilling and compassionate lives of spirit and heart so that they spend more time doing what they love – and loving what they do.

Christine is renowned for her creative resourcefulness and wisdom, her penetrating analysis, insights and ability to provoke transformational thinking and action for organisations and individual coaching and consulting clients worldwide.



    please tell me where to buy this book and how much in US Dollar

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