Types of Entrepreneur

Types of Entrepreneur There are probably as many different types of entrepreneurs as there are people, since one of the great joys of being an entrepreneur is the freedom to invent and re-invent yourself and your business to meet your requirements and the needs of the market in which you operate. That’s why agility, flexibility […]

Resourceful Entrepreneur’s Guide

Eagerly awaited, Christine Miller’s latest book, Resourceful Entrepreneur’s Guide to Business in the 21st Century has been published. Resourceful Entrepreneur’s Guide to Business  How to Succeed in Challenging Times  Christine Miller MA FRSA  AVAILABLE HERE – Amazon UK – Amazon USA What people are saying:  “Let this book be part of YOUR journey; a perfect accompaniment […]

Elements of the Resourceful Entrepreneur

Mapping the Resourceful Entrepreneur's Mind At the Resourceful Entrepreneur Experience you will have the opportunity to learn from a Buzan Licensed Master Trainer how to map your own mind for increased creativity, efficiency and effectiveness. You'll learn how to capture your ideas, bring them safely to ground, expand them, explore them, and manage them into […]

Resourceful Entrepreneur

The ReSourceful Entrepreneur Experience Are You a Resourceful Entrepreneur? Would you like to learn more about Priming Your Mind For Success and Fulfillment? Reserve Your Place Here Now for this Powerful Workshop    As a successful entrepreneur, you know you need to be:  versatile, persistent focused You also need to be imaginative, quick witted clear-thinking You […]